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Hello everyone! My name is Thadious Fisher and I’m currently a store manager for Max Muscle NOCO. I have lived an incredible 21 years of life and continually enjoy every moment of it. I was born in Colorado Springs, CO and spent most of my life in a nice suburb close to the Air Force Academy. Surrounded by people I knew since I was born, and a complete family that seemed unbreakable, life couldn’t have been any better. There was just one hiccup that changed that scenario for good, the divorce of my parents. It was under very unfortunate circumstances and ultimately led to my father moving to Chicago to start new. You’d think that as a 13 year old, the end of the world was occurring in my head, but looking back I realize my family ultimately grew closer. My mother began raising myself, my brother and sister alone. At the time I was playing at a pretty competitive level of soccer. I had received numerous offers from the top schools in the nation for a place to play on their team, and was being scouted by the head coach of the Colorado Rapids. Although I received all this good news on a daily basis, my passion for the game was slipping through my hands. My father was constantly pushing me in a negative way to continue playing. Stupidity got the best of me and I quit the sport I loved out of frustration towards my father. This brings me to the wonderful world of college. I attended Arizona State University and learned more about myself than I had ever thought possible. My grades were phenomenal, my drinking habits…repugnant. I decided that after a year of developing poor habits, Colorado would be a better place to finish up my time in school. I moved back home and decided to attend the University of Northern Colorado and be close to my family and girlfriend of 4 years. I ended up finding a need to secure a job just like any other college kid would, and Max Muscle sort of fell right into my hand. Prior to Ron and Erin taking over the Greeley store, I was working for the previous owners for about two months. I had been brought on as sort of a band-aid because of all the drama that was surrounding the store prior to the take-over. Once Ron and Erin came about and finalized things, the shift of the store’s atmosphere changed dramatically. When it comes down to describing this place in one word I’d simply say…Family. Max Muscle is my home away from home. The people are my family and everyone that walks through the door is a friend. I would not want to be anywhere else at this point in my life. The values I’ve come to know from Max Muscle I’m deeply proud of and have shaped me into who I am. I can’t think of a better place to be than being a part of this family.