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Ron Worley

Hi I am Ron Worley, co-owner of Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Loveland and Fort Collins.  I was born in Mc Pherson Kansas a very long time ago.  As a child my family bounced around quite a bit, like oilfield families do.  I lived in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska, and Alaska throughout my life.  Right now in Greeley where I raise my three children with my wife Erin. I not only run the Max Muscle stores, but also work with my mother as a bail agent full time, and for the last 15 years. 

As I used to be:

I come from a long line of heavy drinkers and drug addicts. Naturally I fell into the same scenario at very young age.  Though I was able to maintain an active life of sports and activities, I also loved  to party with my buddies.  During college drinking and drugging became my life.  Thereafter all of my motivation to stay active fell to the way side so that I could spend more time having fun.  I came to the top of my addictions with a lot of money. I started a family, but they too were not important enough to keep me on track and within a couple of years I lost everything.  Family, house, cars, boat and Harley were all gone.  I was homeless!  I lived homeless for almost a year before it all came to an end. 

In April of 2003 I woke up in the hospital after my second roll over car accident in which I lived.  Both times I was thrown from the vehicle, but this second time I was pretty beat up.  I literally hobbled out of the hospital that day.  By this time I had not seen my children in six months.  Finally it hit me “STOP”!!!

The change:

May 17th 2003 was the first day without a drink or a drug to get me through.  I found myself at my brother’s house still homeless but full of hope and a bed to sleep in.  I took this day to find my first AA meeting.  I went to 90 meetings in 30 days!  It all came clear within the first week of sobriety…get a job…get a home for my kids…stay sober!  How to do this?  I found the job, I found the home, I got my kids.  How to stay sober?   Well I always love to work out so it was easy to start again.  I spent one hour a day after work every day lifting weights.  I found it peaceful and rewarding.  I saw great gains, as one does from consistent work in the gym.  I loved hanging out at the gym, and I did as much as I could.  Soon things aligned perfectly.  I was able to get my old job back as a Bail Agent.  My kids and I had a great life together, and I was able to be a part of their growing up process.(they were very young when I sobered up.)  I found new life in family, friends, and the gym. 

Continued growth:

By 2005 I met Erin Brady for the first time.  It was so nice to meet a girl that shared the same dreams as me.  We did everything together, and still do.  We spent our first date learning how to ice skate, as neither one of us had ever been before, and neither one was going to admit that to each other.  We worked out in the gym together, we ran 5k’s, went on walks, and we traveled with the kids together.  In 2007 I decided to try my first natural bodybuilding competition.  In 2008 Erin and I did two together and loved it!  (WARNING never diet together)  We were both hooked, and still do at least one show a year.

In our quest to be better looking on stage we found Max Muscle.  We walked into the store and were greeted with great amounts of education.  For the first time Erin loved the taste of protein and was able to add it to her meal plan.  In 2009 we decided it was time to own our own store.  We researched and researched and could not find a better company to own.  We opened our first store in Loveland in January 2010.  We love being able to help others with their nutrition.  It is so different than our usual jobs.   In August of the same year we purchased another store in Fort Collins. 


I have shared with you my life to this point.  As you can see I did not have the story book upbringing, filled with lolly pops and jump rope.  I fought hard to get where I am today.  I made a lot of mistakes, but always learned from them.  Today I enjoy the fact that I have lived to tell my story.  I feel confident that fitness and nutrition are forever a part of my life, as I will never forget what got me here.  I enjoy life and run to adversity.  I have created great relationships with my family and my friends.  Today I worry about what time I am working out and what I can feed the kids for dinner.  For me it’s all about the little things in life, but it’s the big things that changed me.  My new lifestyle is promising and full of hope and success. 

Thank you for reading my story.


Ron Worley