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Natural Solutions for Real Results

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Health drives performance, period. There is a misguided notion in the fitness industry where people looking for peak performance, fitness, aesthetics, and similar goals often overlook their general health. The ... More

11 Questions with Torrie Wilson

Posted in: Real People

At 41, Torrie Wilson says she is in the best shape of her life. The model, former WWE wrestling star, fitness competitor, and, most recently, founder of her own fitness ... More

Fit Girl Circuit Training Workout by Torrie Wilson

Posted in: Workout Guide

Ready to get in killer shape? Add this workout at least once a week into your normal routine and reap the benefits of toned muscles and increased cardiovascular health.    The Exercises Do ... More

7 Foods That Fight Inflammation & Boost Energy

Posted in: Nutrition Planning

Small, gradual changes are a great way to start incorporating healthy, anti-inflammatory foods into your lifestyle. The name of the game is to focus on whole, nutrient-rich foods that energize ... More

Burn Victim Creates His Own Fit Future

Posted in: Real People

Jose Paula, 47, of Tampa, FL, lived under the cloak of limiting beliefs imposed by well-meaning doctors for nearly 20 years before he finally decided enough was enough. He simply ... More


Posted in: Real People

For more than five years, Kelley Patrick maintained a weight of more than 200 pounds. She was depressed to the point of seeking antidepressants from her doctor, had a high ... More

Trifecta for Optimal Gains & Testosterone Support

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The next evolution in supplements has arrived! Introducing the MLab Series from Nutrition By M2, featuring My-T, TriTOR, and StimoVEX. This potent trio is the flag bearer in the new ... More

What I Learned From Battling Eating Disorders

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Every Day we are bombarded with pictures of people we often perceive as perfect. And, we are constantly solicited with fast, weight-loss remedies that will supposedly get us our dream ... More

The Latest in Science News

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Here is the latest news on the power of key supplements to boost sports performance and safeguard your health.    Alleviate Exercise-Induced Central Fatigue The purpose of this study was to investigate the ... More

5 Reasons To Add Greens To Your Menu

Posted in: Recipes

When it comes to food, green is definitely a GO and incorporating a wide variety of cooked greens to the menu each week has tremendous health benefits.  Studies show that ... More