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5 Simple Weight-Loss Tips That Will Work for You

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

The topic of weight loss must be second only to videos featuring cats falling off things in terms of popularity on the Internet. It seems like everyone has their own ... More

11 Ways To Live a Long and Happy Life

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

1. Have good communication; don’t argue When you need to speak up about an issue that’s bothering you, adhere to Attitude Reconstruction’s Four Rules of Good Communication: (1) Speak in “I’s” ... More

Ten Tooth Truths You Probably Don’t Know, But Should

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Headaches, arthritis, sleep apnea, and even heart disease can be prevented, treated, or alleviated by addressing issues with the mouth. But you won’t learn this crucial info in most dental ... More

Power-Packed Egg Sandwich

Posted in: Recipes

Eggs are getting all the love these days – and rightly so – as they have multiple health benefits, but these often get lost among the worry over cholesterol. In the ... More

Your Energy Supplement Stack is Right Here

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Are you dragging? Can’t get into second gear? Do you simply find yourself having a lack of energy? If so, you’re not alone. All across the nation, people report having ... More

Exercising After an 8-5 Shift

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

It’s 5 o’clock. Time to leave work! It is decision time for you. What’ll it be? Head to the gym and crank out an hour of exercise or head home ... More


Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Buy Cleanse & Lean 100ct and get any flavor Vit-Acell FREE in October! More

Fitness Workouts

Posted in: Performance Conditioning

Get Fitter, Faster with These 4 High Energy Workouts It seems like there’s a new fitness class that comes out every month and with it, a new cult-like following. Here are ... More

Cure Exercise Boredom

Posted in: Performance Conditioning

5 Ways To Find Your Perfect Workout When it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices, workout boredom is often considered to be dietary Kryptonite. But instead of stopping you in your ... More

Quality Is Everything

Posted in: Sports Nutrition

Max Muscle's Top Ten Supplements Since being founded in 1991 by Joe Wells, Max Muscle Nutrition has always striven to be the absolute best in delivering results in health and fitness ... More

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