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Matt WestonHi, my name is Matt and I’m the store manager at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. I live on the north side of Fort Collins with my beautiful girlfriend and our energetic little puppy. Being raised by a single parent I learned very early on the importance of being self-sufficient and being able to take care of myself. Going through school even when I was very young, I would get myself up, out of bed and out the door every morning. Doing that day in and day out in many ways shaped how I am today from my self-reliance to my “one man army” mentality. From when I was very young, education was pushed heavily on me, I was naturally very smart and pushed to excel at everything academic that I did. The rewards from hard work always paid off, I never worried about failing a test and was in the top of my class every year, in the third grade I was even invited to participate in an exchange program to go study in Australia for a year that I unfortunately had to turn down because it was the same time that my mother and I were packing up and moving to Florida. Tampa is where I really started to come into my own as an individual, once I got into high school i was excelling academically, had a close circle of friends and was working full time. After my four years of high school flew by and I had graduated with honors I found myself managing a $350,000 a year restaurant, building my leadership skills staying close with my friends, but I came to realize that I had spent so much time with my nose stuck in a book, that I forgot to take the time out to really figure out who I was. I was very social but had no real hobbies or interests, I was enrolled in college, but no matter how many classes I took I still had no idea who I even was let alone who I wanted to be, and was left feeling lost. After about a year of that I found myself in the gym and that was that. I fell in love with the whole industry. Working out, eating clean, proper supplementation all of it. I had finally found something I could put my skills behind and feel good about. That gym I walked into I ended up working at for a while. It was a nice change of pace waking up every morning excited to go to work for once. Unfortunately working at the gym was not the part of this industry I was meant for. The longer I stayed the more about the numbers it became, and the less it became about helping people, so I chose to leave the gym and try to take on the supplementation side of things at a larger retailer. My knowledge of the industry served me well and I once again found myself a big fish in a small pond, however, when helping people no longer became the focus I had to part ways. The reason I fell in love with the industry is because of all the good you can do with it and all you can give back, and I refuse to be a part of anything that is less than that. At around the time I decided I needed a change my girlfriend was also looking for a change, but something more geographical. Tampa had become stale for both of us and she wanted to come out to Colorado to be closer to her family, and being no stranger to packing up and leaving I was on board and we left that week. Once we got out here and I found Max Muscle of Northern Colorado, I knew one thing. I was home. In this environment I found a close knit group of people who are genuinely interested and invested in helping the people and the community that they live and work in. It was such a refreshing change of pace to find an entire company that was built on the core values that I believe in and live by. I am a firm believer in fate, and everything does happen for a reason, even if we have no idea why.  Everything that happened in my life prepared me for where I am now. Everything I have learned along the way, every trial I have overcome, everything that has knocked me down, every time I got up when I thought I was down and out, all of that made me the man who will stick to my guns, and never deviate from what I believe in. It is true what they say, if you refuse to quit you cannot be stopped.