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Kyle Krupansky


Hi, my name is Kyle Krupansky, sales associate and nutrition consultant at Max Muscle Sports Nutrition in Fort Collins/Loveland. I grew up in Louisville, CO, a small town (but getting bigger) just outside of Boulder. I spent my entire childhood in Louisville, finishing with high school at Monarch High. After high school, I attended college at the Colorado School of Mines, where I earned a degree in Civil Engineering and graduated at the top of my class. I am now finishing up a second bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at Colorado State and plan to get a master’s degree in Sports Exercise and Nutrition Science from CSU.

Growing Up

Growing up, sports were the ultimate outlet for me: football, baseball, hockey, wrestling, it really didn’t matter as long as I could compete. Despite being a good all-around athlete, I grew up extremely overweight due to awful eating habits. I wasn’t just a big kid growing up; I was “the” fat kid all the way into middle school. At 11 years old I hit my peak at 215 pounds (5’6” – I was a bowling ball). At that point there was a 200 pound weight limit to even be allowed to play youth football. Being very strong-willed and competitive, I decided it was time for a change. I was finally going to turn into the athlete that I knew was stuck in the wrong body. I started working out, eating right, and had amazing support from my parents (especially my mom) that made the process easier than I had imagined. Within a month I was at 197 pounds and able to play football, but I didn’t want to stop there. I continued to work hard and eat well, and my passion for nutrition and exercise grew just as fast as my weight was coming off. By the time 8th grade rolled around (about a year later), I was weighing in at a cut 145 pounds and I immediately became the popular athlete that I knew was hiding somewhere under my former self. Girls finally looked at me, people who had never talked to me before wanted to be my friends, and some people I had known for years hardly recognized me. From that point on, I lead countless sports teams to championships, had confidence that I never knew existed, and was able to become the athlete and man that I was meant to be.


Even when I was heavy and lacking anything resembling confidence, I was very talented when it came to academics. My knowledge of math and science was second to none, and I was no slouch in any other areas; it just came natural to me (thank you again mom and dad). After breezing through high school with a 4.3 GPA, I was immediately accepted into the Colorado School of Mines and offered a football scholarship as well. I had heard horror stories of how difficult it was to survive the rigors of Mines, but I was well-prepared and excited for the new challenge. After balancing out a year of school and football, I received a pretty severe concussion (my 3rd or 4th – can’t really remember after that many) during my first spring football season and decided it was time to call it quits. This also gave me a chance to focus on school full-time (while also working 30 hours a week to pay for school). Although my mom was an absolute saint, she had always had a drinking problem that got progressively worse as time went on. She was the type of person that would do anything for anybody (especially her kids) without even considering herself. She led a troubled youth and adulthood, dealing with depression for many years, and used alcohol as her outlet. Once all of her kids were out of the house and off to college, she was left with nobody to care for and not much of anything to keep her occupied, except alcohol. Every time I went home it was almost unbearable for me to see the changes in her, it was like she was a shadow of her former self. There weren’t very many times during that last year that I saw her without a drink within arm’s reach. In December of 2010, I went home to visit and found her lying in her bed alone. She could hardly move, hardly talk, and looked like she was fading with every passing minute. We got her to the hospital and they were able to keep her alive on dialysis for a couple weeks, but they told us that her kidneys and liver had nothing left and even with a liver transplant, her body would most likely reject it because of the alcoholism. She passed away on January 18th of 2011. At that point, I realized that I needed to be doing something I enjoyed, I didn’t want to fall into depression, I didn’t want to resent my family, I wanted to use my mom’s life (and death) to make myself better. With the help of my family and my amazing girlfriend, Ashley, I was able to overcome yet another adverse event in my life. I finished up at CSM, working harder than ever, and graduated first in my class; but I had no intention of continuing on to a career in engineering.

I followed my heart and my passion, and decided to switch my focus to nutrition and exercise. I had known since that fateful Fall/Winter at 11 years old that sports and nutrition would forever be a part of my life, and I was finally going to make that a reality. I am now done with my Dietetics coursework at CSU and looking to pursue a master’s degree in Sports Exercise and Nutrition Science. As a nutrition consultant at Max Muscle, I use the same passion I have grown up with and gained throughout my life to help others reach whatever goals they may have. I have been blessed with the same selfless passion for helping others that my mom had throughout her life and I make sure to let that show in everything I do.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you, hopefully it will help you in one way or another.

Become the person you were meant to be,

Kyle Krupansky