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Jordan Durand - Greeley, CO – 33 years old

Posted in: Testimonials  on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jordan first came to us at Max Muscle because he had a friendly competition with a friend to see who could lose the most weight in 3 months. Jordan is a very competitive person, so he wanted to do everything in his power to win. Jordan received a coupon from his gym for a free 4 week nutrition plan at Max Muscle and that began his life changing experience. After a few months, Jordan won his competition with his friend but finally realized his potential and wanted to continue to make changes.

Jordan was down to about 13% body fat from 22%, so he made a new goal to get to 7% body fat and get the six pack abs that he didn’t think were possible a months earlier. After 15 more weeks of tireless training and being very strict with his eating, Jordan reached his goal of 7% body fat and even surpassed it to end up at 6.45%. He’s leaner than he ever imagined and has even seen a huge increase in his strength – his amazing before and after pictures truly speak for themselves. Jordan has been a star pupil and absorbed every bit of knowledge over the past 9 months and lives the Max Muscle lifestyle now.

 “I want to humbly thank the Max Muscle team – specifically Kyle, Thad, Cailan, and Beth for stellar quality of support and guidance in my journey. I am more fit now than even in high school. These wonderful people have given me priceless advice and friendship. Without them I would still be struggling along without direction. I look forward to a life of living in health and fitness. Thanks again for everything!”