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Nate Thomas Customer of the Month

Posted in: Testimonials  on Friday, November 8, 2013

Ever since I first walked into a gym when I was 13, I was hooked on fitness. I enjoy the feeling of working out and staying in shape. My step father Troy and I have been lifting weights for many years and will never quit. I was in weightlifting all four years of high school and still continue to this day. I was 155 pounds when I graduated 5 years ago and now I am a solid 195 pounds and I am proud of my accomplishments and goals. I have learned so much about bodybuilding, fitness, nutrition, and wellness over the past couple of years, and I love to expand my knowledge everyday on these areas. I am now a certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant and I take pleasure in helping others achieve their fitness goals. I couldn't have done all of these accomplishments without the help of my Max Muscle family here in Greeley, Colorado. Ron, Erin, Thad, Kyle, and the rest of the team have given me so much support through my fitness path and helped accomplish more than I could ever imagine. I use multiple Max Muscle products such as MaxPro, High 5, Liqui-Carn, Sport Formula Vitamin, Essential Omega, Max Glutamine, Max ARM, and Emerge. These products plus a customized nutrition plan have helped me drop to 8 percent body fat and build a great amount of lean muscle mass. I will forever be a family member of Max Muscle and will continue to push towards new goals and help others along the way as well.