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Marc Lutz

Posted in: Testimonials  on Thursday, October 11, 2012
To Ron and Erin,

Hi. My name is Marc Lutz. My son Marqueze and I became clients and customers of Max Muscle last summer. Walking in your store one day in May turns out to have been a life changing moment. We both went on a weight loss/body transformation type program of yours, where we worked with several of your employees on nutrition, supplement, and exercise to achieve some great results. We live down by Denver, but would come up to your store because the attention and genuine concern for our success was felt with everyone we met there (not taking away from any of the other stores down here, but your store is different).

We were on the program for about 7 or 8 weeks, and met several of the goals. A couple of things changed and we were not able to come up as much. All the weight came back and more during the next six months, but I was able to take the concepts that you taught us and re-apply them back in January. This time my mentality is not that of an 8 week program, but of a lifestyle change. I don't feel like the food preparation, constant attention to the workout and diet are a chore now; rather I enjoy it. I have learned so much from taking the principles you all gave us and gone on to read and research to the extent that the "Sports Science" has became a passion. Also, since January I have made it from 197lbs (approx. 30-35% BF) to 169 (apporx. 16-19% BF), and have every intention on continuing to keep changing my body composition to a healthy point; and then to maintain or improve.

I have had a few measurements to gauge my progress from your store and the store in Broomfield, and have used those to try and ensure my nutrition plan stays effective (which with a couple of slight plateaus has). Having learned more and more about the science behind the nutrition and exercise plans (the more I learn the more I learn I don't know), I thought I would try to get an as close to accurate BF% as I could; in order to get the nutrition plan numbers as correct as possible for me. On that note, I found a "Bod Pod" in the Denver area which is supposed to be the most accurate BF and Lean Body Mass measurement there is (near or better than the hydrostatic weighing accuracy), and the price was not outrageous. So today, I had the test done, and the results were a little bit unusual based on everything I have learned, seen, and have had calculated over the last year with the Max Muscle stores and from what I have learned.

You all do this for a living, and I was wondering if I could come in and see you all Monday or Tuesday (I am off both days), to get some serious measurements and advice to ensure what I am doing is correct (or as optimal as possible). I am very determined to continue to progress, and I have seen almost continual progress over the last 14 weeks, but if I am to base my nutrition numbers on this new measurement, there would be some changes. I have a gut feeling that you all were closer to my numbers and that there might have been an error with the test. I just don't want to change to much to a program that is working.

Can I meet you all this week? To pick your brain and get some measurements.

Thank you!!!

Marc Lutz

PS. - I still have a max-muscle t-shirt you gave me for free last year, but I promised I would not wear it until I reached 165lbs. I am almost there!!!!