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Dave Gunderson

Posted in: Testimonials  on Thursday, October 11, 2012
So it's February and I am looking at the cold weather outside and reading about all of this years upcoming events and began planning for this year bicycling season. Last year I had entered a few long riding events but have been carrying some extra pounds over the years and this year with my work travel schedule the extra pounds are now at an alarming excess of 45 pounds of where I should be as well as my BMI being out of control. So I decided I needed to do something about the excess weight as enough was enough. I spent the next few weeks reading up on various diet programs and then I thought that I would visit my friend Jenny Pumphrey at Max Muscle in Loveland. Jenny and I had a very good counseling session where I got on a combination of a diet plan, fat burners, etc. Now 12 weeks later I am 30 pound lighter, I feel great and I am stronger on the bike than I have in years. I want to thank Jenny and the Max Muscle team for their support as I continue with my journey on this weight loss plan BTW I will be doing the 62 mile Elephant Rock ride this weekend, so look for the guy with the black Max Muscle - Loveland jersey on. If you need some support I can point you the way to the friendly staff there.