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Andy Klatt

Posted in: Testimonials  on Thursday, October 11, 2012
Born August 29, 1976 to Ron and Karen Klatt in Denver Colorado. My dad was an offensive line coach for Arvada West High School and my mom was an R.N. for a local hospital. I have a brother Time who is 16 months younger. In the early 80’s we moved to Monument Colorado where my dad wanted to give a shot at the stock market and mom made a career change into the travel business. As the stock market plummeted we moved to Summit County and lived in Breckenridge with my grandparents. Dad started the football program at Summit High School in the mid 80’s and mom continued with the travel industry. This was awesome, as part of the P.E program we had Wednesday as ski day. I always had aspirations of being a college football player but loved downhill and giant slalom. My parents divorced at the beginning of my sixth grade year. After a year as the head football coach and no teaching position dad was sent looking for alternative employment as mom started her own travel business. Finally 8th grade came and I was able to start playing football. Dad continued to find ways to stay close as times where extremely difficult. At the end of eight grade my dad moved to Denver and started with mutual funds. During my freshman year of high school I was the starting offensive guard at a whopping 190. With intensions of going on to the next level my brother and I both moved to Arvada to live with my dad and join the rest of the Klatt family at Pomona High School. With 4 cousins my brother and I and an uncle as a coach and teacher there was minimal margin for error. Watching the interaction and impact my uncle made on people intrigued me.

After graduating from Pomona I attended Fort Lewis College for one year. Transferred to the University of Northern Colorado where I was honored to be part of 2 National Championships. During my last year of college I was beginning to teach at a local youth correctional facility and work at The Conditioning Spa as a weekend manager/trainer. I developed a program for the youth correctional facility that surrounded me with great tools and aspiration of where I am today.

Preparing students for the 21st century cannot be accomplished without a strong and sustained emphasis on health and wellness. It is no longer acceptable to think of “gym class” as hygiene lessons or roll out the ball and go. Today’s world has exploded with physical, mental, and social influences that affect not only learning in school, but also the lifelong health of the citizens that schools are preparing for graduation. Health and physical education prepare students to function optimally as students, global citizens, and workers who demonstrate personal responsibility for one’s health and fitness through an active, healthy lifestyle that fosters a lifelong commitment to wellness. Health education and physical education are separate disciplines, each with a distinct body of knowledge and skills. Each day is a new challenge to instill and reinforce knowledge and skills needed to be healthy and achieve academically.

I have been working with Max Muscle in Loveland for the last two years. They have come down to the school to help me educate my students in nutrition. Our relationship has grown in a short time, and with their expertise so has my program. Max Muscle falls in line with the values and principles I have, and also try to ingrain into my students. Thanks so much for our partnership.